Source code for pytablereader.loadermanager._url

.. codeauthor:: Tsuyoshi Hombashi <>

import warnings

import typepy

from ..factory import TableUrlLoaderFactory
from ._base import TableLoaderManager

[docs]class TableUrlLoader(TableLoaderManager): """ Loader class to loading tables from URL. :param str url: URL to load. :param str format_name: Data format name to load. Supported formats are: ``"csv"``, ``"excel"``, ``"html"``, ``"json"``, ``"ltsv"``, ``"markdown"``, ``"mediawiki"``, ``"sqlite"``, ``"ssv"``, ``"tsv"``. If the value is |None|, automatically detect file format from the ``url``. :param dict proxies: http/https proxy information. .. seealso:: `requests proxies <>`__ :raises pytablereader.LoaderNotFoundError: |LoaderNotFoundError_desc| loading the URL. :raises pytablereader.HTTPError: If loader received an HTTP error when access to the URL. :Example: :ref:`example-url-table-loader` .. py:method:: load Load tables from URL as ``format_name`` format. :return: Loaded table data iterator. :rtype: |TableData| iterator .. seealso:: * :py:meth:`pytablereader.factory.TableUrlLoaderFactory.create_from_format_name` * :py:meth:`pytablereader.factory.TableUrlLoaderFactory.create_from_path` """ def __init__(self, url, format_name=None, encoding=None, type_hint_rules=None, proxies=None): loader_factory = TableUrlLoaderFactory(url, encoding, proxies) if typepy.is_not_null_string(format_name): loader = loader_factory.create_from_format_name(format_name) else: loader = loader_factory.create_from_path() loader.type_hint_rules = type_hint_rules super().__init__(loader)
[docs] @classmethod def get_format_names(cls): """ :return: Available format names. These names can use by :py:class:`.TableUrlLoader` class constructor. :rtype: list :Example: .. code:: python >>> from pytablereader import TableUrlLoader >>> for format_name in TableUrlLoader.get_format_names(): ... print(format_name) ... csv excel html json json_lines jsonl ldjson ltsv markdown mediawiki ndjson sqlite ssv tsv """ return TableUrlLoaderFactory("").get_format_names()
@classmethod def get_format_name_list(cls): warnings.warn("'get_format_name_list' has moved to 'get_format_names'", DeprecationWarning) return cls.get_format_names()